28 Added brocante (ii). Edited devlopment & lomography film.
27 Edited lomography film.
26 Added a 21st century film photo index, with colour negative, lomo turquoise, lomo purple, & monochrome subindices; esch–sur–alzette :: (xl), montmartre :: (xvi) (xvii) (xviii) (xix) (xx) (xxi), & paris :: (xviii) (xix) (xx); and lomography film. Edited instant ink & film.
23 Added x–clacks–overhead, and indices for blog entries in deutsch, français, lëtzebuergesch & nederlands. Edited portraits & horrid.
22 Added portraits. Edited on the singularity.
21 Added brocante (i) & L (xlvi).
20 Added on freedom.
17 Edited horrid.
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8 Lots of small changes and edits over the last few days. I’m trying to update the site to be readable on less ancient mobiles, and do some general tidying up. I’ve fallen on the silly trick of presuming things with portrait orientation are mobiles, and with landscape are not. This by chance allows mobile users who want to see the non–mobile presentation to do so by switching orientation: the inverse for tablets. Not sure this will really work, but I’m running with it for now.
3 Added la défense :: (lxxv), (lxxvi), (lxxvii), & (lxxviii).