31 Edited Poetry :: push pop, gentle, harvest, shrines, scratby, lines stride yellow, beans, cathedral level court caught (was cathedral level court court), paper :: the daily mail, weekend and Empty Land. Retitled toll rain tell (was pit air G).
28 Edited armchair firefighting (x).
27 Added, edited and promoted armchair firefighting (x).
24 Edited and promoted built, happened and sneak like the.
20 Added and edited built. Edited happened and sneak like the.
18 Added happened.
17 Added sneak like the.
3 Edited i’d prefer to remember summer, watch the desire of love to exist, the clarion lord pisswater’s clarion little diddems Scared of Spiders papers how to keep your paper bought (was bigot reinforcement), fenland sketches 3, engineering rush (ii) defect rewind, tin rush po ba vo ti fu ei and afterword.
2 Edited an engineering rush (i) unanswering, Namings Bedford Cambridge Catford Keighly Manchester Milton Keynes and remembering the das (was remembering the slits). Added the Wurm im Apfel set.