31 Discovered fear of uncivil law.
28 Amended an engineering rush _2_ and _9_, and corrected some spelling.
25 Retitled and amended chase to chase chase, then promoted and added it to Hence The Coldness. Revised beer and pindar and an engineering rush _9_. Subtitled uncivil law with «a rant in many parts». Distinguished each Machine Solo in Hymnen by α and β.
24 Added chase and an engineering rush _9_, amended _2_ and _8_, and tidied up a couple of footnotes elsewhere.
23 Renamed sim to an engineering rush, adding _8_.
22 Renamed Simulants back to sim, amended later, sod the world and beer and pindar, and promoted all of them. Even my neighbour’s dog is called Dylan. It used to be such a rare and special name (I”m slightly biased), and now it’s as common as mutts.
21 Swapped Simulants _2_ and _3_, revised Beer And Pindar and all of Simulants; then I found a completely new _2_ which bumped all but the first up one.
20 Added Simulants _5_ and _6_; revised _3_ and _4_.
19 Noted Darmstadt, the second poem I ever wrote (the first was Watford Gap), has been accepted for publication in Breathe; added Simulants _4_; revised _2_ and _3_ (can’t resist including a reference to the legendary death of Aeschylus); age of uncivil law and revised and retitled From Pindar to Beer And Pindar; included On Hunting With Hounds in Hence The Coldness. Added small hotlist of most recent ‘completed works’ to the front door.
14 Added From Pindar.
13 Revised uncivil law, and packaged it off to the Arvon competition. It’s got no chance, but hopefully it’ll stop wanted to be edited now.
11 Revised and promoted On Hunting With Hounds, and promoted Fugue 2; uncivil law seems to have a lot in common with the london bus as age turned up while I was revising injustice; split Later from Sod The World
9 Revised On Hunting With Hounds.
8 Some minor changes to Simulants, and continue revising Uncivil Law.
6 I thought I’d found all of the poems in Uncivil Law, but another one has turned up (Health). And so has On Hunting With Hounds.
5 Modified my introduction because, suddenly, there seem to be a lot of other people called “dylan harris” around. I’ve spent my life being the only dylan harris, it’s damned confusing now all these other ones appear. ‘Dylan’ is a very popular name with American parents. I don’t suppose for a moment it’s anything to do with rabbits.
3 Retitled and revised most of Simulants (from Sim ...).
2 Retitled and revised most of Uncivil Law, added Sim Hymnen.