image: damage

Birds don’t twitter.

I read poetry, sometimes as submissions, that slurs so. Birds do no such thing. They do not twitter.

I spent an hour, once, sitting very still, a back door, a poor town. A blackbird sang beauty. It was a best experience of my life. That blackbird never sodding twittered.

When birds sound, they say, they speak, they sing, they emote. What do they say? Why do they say? Why not listen?

Birds sing. They caw. They talk. They threaten neighbours. They entice lovers. They enchant poets. Please listen.

If you do something to a background noise of birds, then say so. If you don’t listen, then say so. Why don’t you listen?

Birds do not twitter. They beg for their food. They scream when predated. They proclaim their small empires. Listen.

Why do so few listen? To birdsong? To Messiaen? To blackbirds? Listen!

It’s not just birds twitter, it’s blancmange not poem, it’s doze not snatch. Listen.