image: pudding

First there was Yorkshire Pudding, now there is cake. Yup, I made my first cake. My beginner’s exploration of baking continues! As you can see, it got scoffed pretty quickly. My partner got her knife to it faster than I could my camera.

It’s a little flat because I only realised when I had finished making the mix that the tin was rather too big. Next time, I make more cake, or buy a smaller tin.

I used this BBC simple sponge cake recipe, except I added a little vanilla. I didn’t decorate the cake. I saw little point in trying anything but the simplest approach first time round.

We both agreed the result was good, but far too sweet. The unpleasant sweetness is why I rarely eat cake. I need to find recipes which aren’t quite so sickly. Judging by a quick internet book search, that won’t be a problem.

What I find interesting is that this cake was somewhat fluffier than my mother’s. She was, unsurprisingly, experienced in baking. She always used to get frustrated that her cakes were fairly heavy, although, let me assure you, still deliciously edible.

The obvious difference is ingredients. She used British self–raising flour. If the recipes I’ve found online for self raising flour are all correct (e.g. here), it contains salt. The local cake flour here has no salt. Given the impact of salt on bread making, I wonder if there’s a connection. Of course, a lot depends on the type of flour itself, and I am aware that differs too.

Anyway, enough. I made a simple cake. I will make more.