image: witch flowers

Last night, I completed the brigmore witches. It’s the final add–on to dishonoured, and it is very good indeed.

Although I found it a little less challenging that the first add–on, the knife of dunwall, I much preferred the way everything fitted together. Each section follows on from the previous to make one continuous adventure.

Far more importantly to me, though, was that the story told in the game was so much better than that of the previous add–on. In the knife of dunwall, you’re supposed to be feeling regret at having committed regicide, but it doesn’t come across. In this little adventure, it not only comes across, it works well. Your player character is having nightmares about the regicide, your player character atones (that’s the adventure), and your player character meets his doom.

I like.

This adventure is a fitting end to dishonoured. I will go on with the series, and play dishonoured 2, when I have the time available.