image: ceiling shadows

A Chinese guy ran a marathon round a table in his apartment during the corona virus lockdown in Wuhan. An equally daft Frenchman ran a marathon on his balcony during the current French lockdown.

I am not a fit person. But, boy, do I know where they are coming from. I already miss the walk I usually do each morning to the station. It’s about a kilometre long. I think I’ll have to find a way to redo it in the flat.

At the moment, that’s not necessary. The local lockdown rules permit going out for exercise. I’ve been back and forth to the station a couple of times, when my legs tell me that they really fancy a proper walk. Yesterday, we took the Sunday air in the fairly empty Esch redlands.

But I don’t expect get out and walk about privilege to continue. If I’m right, then, when the lockdown becomes stricter, I’ll end up annoying the heck out of my wife by spending half an hour or so walking back and forth in the flat. It’s difficult to think what else to do.