image: pub garden in the evening

When I started playing Minerva’s Den, an extension to Bioshock 2, I was extremely disappointed in the writing and the voice acting. More fool me: the game end got me completely with a twist that meant both ‘issues’ made perfect sense. I won’t reveal it, except to say it was obvious in retrospect but I didn’t see it coming.

Some of the game play was repetitive. There were too many locked doors which required hacking through a crack in the wall / floor / ceiling that was strangely identical to all the other locked doors, etc.. There were too many places where you have to shoot a gravity thingy over a wall. In other words, the puzzles were not nearly devious enough.

I was rather amused by the reinterpretation of 1950s digital technology.

Because the plot was significantly better than the base game, Bioshock 2 itself, I prefer this to that.