paintings: issues

I think a lot of these images were taking sneakily by people without the consent of the paintings owners. Well, that’s the only conclusion I can come to given too many images are obviously:

image: Paintings by Alain J. Picard

  • blurred
  • wonky
  • have screwed up colours

But, since I’m taking these images from a free site (wikimedia, mostly), I can’t complain.

A good number also have too low resolution, but that might simply because they were good resolution when the photos were taken, but resolution of screens has increased over the years, so now to me they’re low resolution.

My screen is in landscape mode, so I’m looking for images in landscape mode. Most portraits are in portrait mode, which is unsurprising given the mode names! Anyway, this means I’m not going to be able to pick up on portraits, and in particular enjoy the painters comments on their subjects. I will have to address this.

I am only picking up publicly available images, which means I am not seeing most images that are still in copyright. I want to see contemporary art. I have to compensate by finding other ways to keep an eye on contemporary arts. This is not a new problem — the solution is to visit art galleries!