the positive pompous

i’m insulted pompous

young i
was often pompoused
talking an enthusiasm an interest
a thing known
a thing listeners had to know
or work to grasp

most took the meant
I’d put effort
I’d interest
I’d an understood
but resenters resent the rattle on excited
perhaps they’ve no ability
perhaps they’ve no intensity
perhaps they lack a gumption
no don’t fix the failure
and by insult
admit their fault
can’t think
can’t work
can’t learn

often i’m pompoused
rattling enthusiasm on modernist music
complexity takes a stress
the reward is worth the work
I’ve challenged insulters
they’ve not tried
they’ve not worked
they’ve not heard
they won’t think
won’t work
won’t learn
so they insult
acknowledge my work
admit their none
resent their state
resent their laziness
can’t think
can’t work
can’t learn
too thick to know it

even the naïf grasp
music is personal taste

for the young me
programming a rare profession
silly media labelled
for whizz kids and genius
a nonsense
we all know now
anyone with fascination
can understand
i knew then
i was no whizz
it was an ordinary profession
wrapped in nouveau fear’s blood shine
i’d had the luck to find
that’s all
yet pompousers pompoused me
resenting my rattling joy
refusing kenning’s work
they labelled themselves
intentionally ignorant

the dictionary’s pompous
windbag false pomp
glamour sans amour
that’s the insulters attempt
they see no substance
they don’t look
they won’t look
they don’t see
they won’t see
the pleasure of modernist music
the simplicity of programming
substance itself
they insult those who do
they won’t think
won’t work
won’t learn
they can’t think
can’t work
can’t learn

pomp itself’s a spectacle
a trance
a bright pride in dull times
of culture of history
if the pompous want association
we’re accused
of taste

to be insulted pompous
you think
you work
you learn
you express
and a lazy resents you
for his self–created bête

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