argument, afterbeansBut It’s For The Children …chase chaseimage: publishedThe Clarionlord pisswater’s clarionbeer and pindardamn the clarionlittle diddemsScared Of SpidersPapersbigot reinforcementuses powerful languageclip monopoly publishedcold pitycoreimage: uses powerful languagedim him an ignoreeaster sunday image: publishedengland corruptedimage: uses powerful languageexcuse me image: uses powerful languagegarden image: setglistimage: published12uses powerful language34her ranici, pour les enfantsimage: publishedseti’m a gorgonzolaIt Must Be ChristmasThe Joy Of Taxpublishedno pit is not no clayNursery Verse For Nursery Headson aghastpeeredthe positive pompousScorpiontalking beerthis ‘bright’ lifeuncivil lawintroductioncenturiesunjusticecomplexitymoneysmirkflamemagistratesagewronginventionscotlandcriminaldemocracyconsentpianoparliamentcitizenbailiffboneshealthmaidblackbox53fearwhen the morons declared warimage: uses powerful languageWorking ForWorking For…set


Accelerating Is Language English… And Then I’ll Break The Seaand then there’s the mediocre mouthsthe breeze of breathbuiltclip monopoly image: publisheddrawngarden image: setICEmoviePoetrypush popselecttechnowhatCopyleftpah!early aSoaptension nitro ego image: published


church is dangerous vitaldead writeghostimage: setI Don’t Visit My Mother’s Graveimage: publishedLost Sanctuaryimage: publishednorthumberland image: setOld Funeral MusicSharpshrinesstill bitingten


cathedral level court caughtdemoold man Keatsthe three monksUnderneath The LochupsetWaterThe Anger Of WaterThree FlawedViaductThe Mere Of Ice image: setCold Warthe brick the brick the pattern brickswan


Brightimage: publishedOf Carolineimage: publishedCheese And Onion Sandwichesimage: publishedfinal tv big image: publishedGuinnessimage: publishedLimericks And CorksIntroductionThere Was A Young Lady Called VenusA Newspaper Editor Saidimage: uses powerful languageI’m Sitting Upon This ’Ere Train’twas Ten Years Ago To This DayAssamMy Difficulty With Melancholyimage: published • Namings • America image: setBedfordCatfordCambridgeKeighlyManchesterMilton KeynesNorfolkSandyNorth Of Kylesku image: setReplyOn The SonnetSweet And StupidTringimage: publishedTo Let image: setTo Let TooThe Trumpet Blownimage: publishedWhat Do Lemmings EatWorking Forimage: set


autumnbug crackedChina Poemimage: uses powerful languageDamagethe deep crash remainsdiscard image: published1234uses powerful language5678dragonsdrawndrowse the drawn likeearly winter roseimage: uses powerful languagefootstepsfuddleimage: uses powerful languageif she dressesignoring the …Manifestoimage: setmeet the kittiesNeil Armstrong Is My Explorer Of The MillenniumObligatory Cat PoemAn Ode To My EgoOn Being A NerdThe Pub Quiz Leagueimage: publishedredsmall livesyou just don’t expectthe dead cat bluesmeet the kittiessore didSprache image: GermantalenToo Fast To Stopimage: publishedWe Drunken Hereimage: a translationA Well–Kept Pint Of Burtonweekendwing mirrorworkahol


21st century mechanicalangleC++1234567citroën dsInstructions For A Common Ceremonyserver roomimage: setthe washer machine brokeWhy The Black Background?


Chance Is Such A Scornful Godimage: publishedchewchuff or that’s why the fragging counterstrikecoreimage: uses powerful languagechurch is dangerous vitaleaster sundayan engineering rush (i)new scientista song so direthe argumentanother bitchhomeworkpublishedhymnenrecreated artsthe gameoh godsuses powerful languagerushed offunanswering • an engineering rush (ii) • jumbo crashtimedefectlessimmensitiespaperrewindlightherequantahumanicthe A rushEpigrams On ScienceFear In Flight, God12Home Towninstead of Shakespeare image: uses powerful languageUnderneath The Lochwhen the trains first came7aknacoqi2ux


Chopin And The Chilli Warsimage: publisheddog sample dazethe fame do the localgenerationallou reedManifestoimage: setOld Funeral MusicPop Fuguesremembering the dasimage: uses powerful languageRock (Of The Early Eight) IssetThere’s Money In MechanicsThe Trumpet Blownpublished


the A rush image: setr (ii)r (i)ohedcaA Bicycle Criticises Concorde For Not Observing Butterflieschristmas card poemAn Eighteenth Century Beam EngineEpigramsOn ScienceOn IslamOn Al–QaidaOn The USAOn Politicsnation six doguses powerful languagei am perfect its the universes fault


all hands(i)(ii)(iii)armchair firefighting(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)(vii)(viii)(ix)(x)(xi)(xii)…Bob Geldofimage: publishedBrightimage: publishedOf Carolineimage: publishedla chanson du singeconfidence begandid you helpdye–de–hograndIn Another ConversationNew Year’s Evesimage: publishedoh dear what a pity there thereplayer123The Queen Of Santa Fetension nitro ego image: publishedTringimage: published


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apply • antwerp (iv) • 12baconBefore The Bush Wareurope image: Dutchflock state image: setecho echocreate new killer our fearstrike paleepigram on the USAkinderimage: uses powerful languagemilitaryfifth sayvictory impossibleand on the ninth day…image: uses powerful languageoh thereimage: uses powerful languagefifty year guessforaGalveston tonightOn Hunting With Houndsin politic(i)(ii)(iii)in the name ofJust Protectionism?Little WillieLittle Willie (recast)lines stride yellowpaperthe daily mailthe daily expressthe sunthe timesthe daily telegraphthe guardianthe independentScenes From A Blackpool ConferenceDog Seaimage: publishedAfter Eighteen MonthsAfter Silent YearsExhaustedScorpion“Smoke Filled Rooms”image: setStarr From The OutsideTobacco’s Such A Treat • uncivil law • introductioncenturiesageinjusticecomplexitymoneysmirkflamemagistrateswronginventionscotlandcriminalconsentpianoparliamentcitizenbonesbailiffhealthmaidblackboxfearWhy Am I In Politics, You Ask (A Drunken Rant)


A14image: uses powerful languageChopin And The Chilli WarspublishedDoris’s Day OutpublishedDriving The TreesFear In Flight, God12A Fenland Poet’s AdviceFenland Sketches1image: published234uses powerful languageGreyHome TownA Horrible DayHymnen[notes]Technical NoteIfTeaserpublishedMachine Solo αpublishedConverseMan SolopublishedMachine Solo βimage: publishedICEi’d stood 30 minsLeicester StationNovember RainAn Ode To The A14image: publishedPlumstead Station By Electric Lightshrinessneak like the image: uses powerful languagea thenThirty Hours Near The Western Islesimage: set


…And Then I’ll Break The Sea(fallen)Home TownA Horrible DayHymnen[notes]Technical NoteIfTeaserMachine Solo αConverseMan SoloMachine Solo β • Namings • AmericaBedfordCatfordCambridgeKeighlyManchesterMilton KeynesNorfolkSandyI Saw A Sleek SeductionOld Funeral Musicold man KeatsSwoop123image: uses powerful language45succestin rush image: publishedpobafivopptifuimage: uses powerful languageniagaveehueixuUnderneath The Lochwhen the trains first came


95Am Lemmingeharvestimage: publishedHer Catching EyespublishedIn Me; ShivaIntruder AlertpublishedsetLaughter Rose Above My Tired Desirelooking the jungle foliage • Lord Protector • (i)(ii)Vanillawatch the desire of love to existWe, The Fellimage: published


1.1.6Box Numberimage: setbroken the night acrosschase chaseimage: publishedDon’t UnderstandEmpty landfinse(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)Five Days image: sethappenedHence The ColdnessIt’s My Hands image: publishedlaterlege land image: translationMemories Of Shadows, WordsMoon Shadowed Walk image: set… a much for we …i’d prefer to remember summerthe prevarication of flowersOn Saying NoA Simple Fantasysod the worldimage: uses powerful languagesometimes a guy just needs a beerbeer & poetrywhite the traini am the airnot tensuch fur to strokenoclichéi am hitit’s not an alien axei’ve seen deniedif i pounce thesesotail up image: uses powerful languageSunlit Gloom image: publishedthan the sun risesThese Words, They Were Not Said image: published settomorrow tonightToo Fast To Stop image: publishedwatch the wateryou beautiful cascade

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