lord protector

I would only take a girl who needs slavery.
A girl who has a choice to be a slave,
and has chosen it,
can unchoose:
maybe when her lust dies,
or she recovers from her self–hatred,
or she no longer needs slavery’s sanctuary

If I were to keep such a girl
when she no longer chose slavery,
I would do her an immense injustice.
But I need to take a slave for life.
I need to know that once I own a slave,
she really is my property,
I can only take a slave
who is innately a slave,
who needs,
not merely choses.

slavery is all about the owner;
the slave is allowed nothing,
is a used object.
But really
slavery is about two people
fulfilling each other’s needs.
To take,
to keep a slave
who does not need to be a slave
is to a create slavery that is false.
I will not do that.

That’s why I’m straight;
what you read is what I desire,
the foundation for building new lives.

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