lord protector

I am looking for a 24/7 lifetime slave. The slavery will be deep, real and permanent.

All the slave’s pre–slavery contacts, including family, will cease. The slave will be isolated. The slave will have no rights. The slave will have no veto. The slave will have no choice. The slave will have no name. The slave will be naked. The slave will be used. The slave’s desires will be irrelevant.

The slave shall be female, slim or normal build, 1.70m or shorter, mid–30s or younger. I may modify the slave’s body to suite my tastes. I will maintain the slave in a state fit for my use.

I am a deep sadist. The slave will exist for my pleasure. The slave’s life will be to serve me, no matter what I decide. Her purpose will be to be property. She will not think, she will not judge, she will not predict, she will obey. She will take no initiative, she will have no resistance, she will have no doubt, she will obey.

A slave will be entirely and completely property. She will not consider her future, she will not consider her past, she will not consider her situation, she will be property. She will have no concern for herself, she will have no concern for anything, except for her owner. She will obey, and nothing else. If she is instructed, she will obey the utmost of her ability. If she is not instructed, she will not do.

For a prospective slave who wonders what life as my slave will be like, it will be to obey me, without question, without doubt, without ego. There is nothing else to know. A slave is property, her only concern is to be perfect property, nothing else matters to her. If a slave wonders what her life would be like as a slave, she is putting herself ahead of being property, which is not a slavish attitude I can accept. A slave’s only concern is to be perfect property, in the moment, in every moment. A slave knows her owner decides everything, and she is nothing. In the first few weeks, a slave day may be an hour for water, food, toilet, rape and torture, and 23 hours storage in a hard box, no light, the slave stored helpless.

Because the slave will have no rights, not even veto, I will not negotiate the slavery’s nature. I’m uninterested in long discussions. I need to own a slave, not talk. A slave is thing, not a someone.

I realise some prospective slaves are unsure of their nature. I will consider temporary ownership for an agreed trial period.

I am very serious. I need to find a slave. If the slave could be you, contact me. Send photos.

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