28 Edited my father was a ufo.
27 Added, edited and promoted my father was a ufo. Remixed flock state and & again, cutting more bass out.
25 Added, edited and promoted collective nouns.
23 Added, and promptly promoted, dog sample daze.
20 Added the antwerp set, which really should have been posted early last year. Moved the sets into their own folder.
9 Updated my CV page, the CV itself, and posted short summary CVs in Dutch, German and French.
1 Devon Garde now appears on last fm & my space. He’s already in iTunes (that link launches iTunes), which is really + Devon Garde +.
And the same applies to me. Here are my new last fm & my space pages. Of course, my iTunes podcast (that link launches iTunes) is still there, which links to seen, heard) poetry.

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