angst cycle (iii)
[τ] (iv)

it’s really getting to me
that line
i don’t do treachery

from her
i don’t do binary

the history
of failed communication
is all about
my refusal
to do treachery
my refusal
when she made the move
so long ago
to respond
was because she was attached

and loved
she said

i just don’t do treachery
i don’t share myself
i don’t share my woman
i’m just not cruel enough
for either
it’s just not me

i don’t understand
why she doesn’t know this
because i know she does
i told her that long ago then
that’s why i couldn’t respond
that long ago then
i don’t to treachery
that’s me
i’m not a psychopath
i’m not a bastard
that’s me

and i won’t accept treachery
i need loyalty
just go look at the old sibling poems
i value an ability
not to carelessly
cause conflict and pain
a little bit of sweetness perhaps
or maybe
an element of empathy

which you cannot have
if you commit to treachery
if you don’t do binary
the nuclear binary
that’s me