tannoy blog — os x mail (again)

I’m using the OS X mail program on my laptop, which still runs Yosemite. I have a lot of mail from amazon, in mail, on my laptop. I want to find one in particular, so I tell mail to search for amazon. It finds nothing. Never mind all the emails sitting there, on my laptop, in the mail program, from amazon, that I want to see, search finds absolutely sodding nothing.

FFS, email was solved in the 1960s. It doesn’t take much sodding nous to write the software now, and check it works. But such simple technical nous is beyond whoever is responsible for that piece of shite.

I switched to Microsoft’s not–very–good Outlook on my iMac a few OS Xs ago, because Mail was shite them too. Clearly I should have switched on my laptop too. I really can’t believe just how shite OS X mail is.

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