tannoy blog — el capitan fail

OS X El Capitan has just earned itself an almighty black mark from me. I have a USB disk drive, which I formatted encrypted a few days ago. I now want to check some data off the disk, but I can’t remember the password (I don’t use the same passwords for anything important). I certainly could remember the password from the hint, but **$^£&%)*** El Capitan won’t display the ****ing hint, neither when trying to unlock the disk, nor from the disk utility, nor from bash.

What the ****’s the point of that?

This OS X bug is a new one on me. I’ve not had this problem with password hints being lost before now, and El Capitan has displayed them when disks formatted in previous versions of OS X are used. I guess it’s an error in the new Disk Utility: it must have failed to save the hint.

I have to say, this is a really silly bug to allow into a production operating system. It’s the kind of thing that would need a very simply test to verify. Unfortunately, such mistakes are par for the course for the modern Apple. If their hardware wasn’t so sodding good ….

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