de moz blog — home pages

de moz blog — home pages

One of the reasons I sought other peoples’ home pages is because I want to compare mine with others, to see if there are any good ideas I can steal, to see if there are any gotchas that I’ve not sussed have me got.

First of all, there’s the stylistic question: most web sites are, for very good reasons, corporate. They have to work, and work well, for everyone from everywhere. They have to present the organisation to everyone, from everywhere. They cannot be picky, for if they are picky, they exclude potential contacts. They are to the web as whores are to women. Very rarely is a woman a whore, very rarely is a person a corporate. I do not want that style.

I have evolved my own web site over the decades, with its own style. But I have done so in relative isolation, because it’s damn difficult to find other peoples’ home pages (a consequence of the corruption of the main web indices). Now, having rediscovered the the directory mozilla, I can go compare.

I intend to take the opportunity to review those web pages I find interesting.

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