de moz blog — Rhymer Rigby

de moz blog — Rhymer Rigby

Rhymer Rigby’s a rather sarcastic travel journalist whose website isn’t a nasty throwback to the 1990s, unlike rather too many. No, it’s a quality throwback to the dreadnoughts.

It works. It’s tidy, not over–egged, put together well, and, as I said, it works.

If you like exotic food, this is the website to explore. I’m a vegetarian, and I have been for more than thirty years. If I wasn’t, well, having read this site, I probably would be. Nah, ignore my cuisine cowardice, the guy’s an adventurous eater, and describes his reactions to the exotic cuisine so well he gets paid for it.

He’s well worth reading for the travel stuff. He writes excellently, and self–depreciatingly—very English. If you take him at face value, you’d think that, had he been around a couple of hundred of years ago, he’d have accidentally invaded somewhere or started a war, and probably got away with it. Don’t take him at face value, though, he’s got a detailed description of the places he visits, and at least a sufficient understanding not to get killed while doing so. He does share the modern journalistic sin of concentrating more on his reaction than what he’s reacting to, but he does so well, it makes his work very readable, and it gets the word count up.

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