no blog — different horizons

Images with different horizons are not uncommon. Just watch the telly; they became a cliché in art programme interviews a few years back. They could still be so—I don’t know—I threw my TV out.

When taking these photographs, I kept two things in mind.

example 1

Lines are important in all landscapes. Lines in sympathy with the non–horizontal frames are useful. See the alignment in the course of the road. Note the fence and the wall intersect the frame on thirds; the alignment of church tower’s right–hand side and the foreground tree’s left branch.

example 2

When taking a different horizon photograph, your sense of balance will make the angle innately obvious. However, when you show it, that awareness will not be there—viewers’ heads will be level. You must ignore that sense and imagine the photograph as it will be seen, with the bottom of the camera frame horizontal.

ancient front