no blog — poetry vs. prose

I’ve written no poetry in the last week or so. Instead, I’ve produced a blog and some essays. If this ordinary, dull writing has the effect of reducing my poetic output, I’ll stop it.

Imagine water flowing into an artificial lake. When that water reaches a high point, it overflows the damn (sic). That’s poetry. The prose diverts the water into pipes for industrial processing long before it gets to the lake.

Both prose and poetry are means to express something. Prose should express, but not get in the way of, the something. Poetry should enlighten and enhance the something, by having it, and the way it is expressed, interact. Thus, in terms of subject alone, poetry can have more value than prose.

Poetry can be a great art; prose can express art but is itself merely craft. Thus, in terms of what is being expressed, and in terms of art, poetry can have more value than prose. So if my prose gets in the way of my poetry, the prose will have to bog off.

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