plein [Z]

was    the street    walking down    i
to work    remember    six year
stalk up    T junction    cars parked
children play    eight year    then time

he was a cliché beano kid
freckles   dumbo ears   the haircut
his mum had carefully composed
stilled   stared me

what the    stare trap    mutual
both    caught moment    does–not–compute
me    do i resemble    granddad    what
eirlander    myth man    sword    i’m not

after thirteen moments   an hour   the mutual broke
a car no longer parked reversed to
he saw my nodglance   rebecame aware
rightly scarpered

these are long shatters on childhood being
a dawn from does–not–compute
mine    bald teacher    new hair
i stilled and stared for timelessness

so now i’d become the mister nutt
a shocked me   a cliché toupé
for master beano begin awake
life’s a dancing millipede