escher poetry — [L] :: 7

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the opposite of the same which is something is not more of the same it is difference in structure in form in language aux langues in grammar in attribute in colour in rhythm in speech in style in richness in paucity in tone in more in everything not the same

a snowflake small and weak a snowflake unique a snowflake together makes a snowfield makes an avalanche asphyxiates despots their lazy slaves whoever heard of an avalanche being prosecuted whoever heard of an avalanche being punished an avalanche does the deed and melts away when a despot calls empathy a snowflake the despot demands his own demise demands his own suicide it shall come it shall be done bless

the opposite of sea which is something is not void which is nothing it is land it is sky it is bee it is elephants it is Kindertotenlieder it is individuality it is sighing trees it is a single midge it is precision it is programming it is ship it isn’t sea