honey bee — [K] (v)

imagine a childhood sling
the kind you weren’t allowed
the size to sling a house

so many four year olds
lost mummy and daddy
playing with their sling

they weren’t annoyed
or angry or silly
playing with their sling

one moment of mummy’s inattention
and who knows where she and the house
and daddy could be

its worse when a four year old
flings the sling    doesn’t click
slings the neighbours’ houses too

one poor child
so loved to play
he slung his entire town away

and that’s why
slings are banned

and that’s why
modern towns are so horrible

no playful child has slung the horrible houses away
while mummy was distracted
by her family’s horrible fate

dogs & cats

live in horrible houses
for slings are banned
so baby can’t sling the horrid away