30 Added wood (vii).
29 Lots of post–refactoring tidying up continues (including use of Edge web fonts). Added 82 08 26, untitled (viii) and some more presets.
28 Added more presets. The bulk of the refactoring is finished. There will be a lot of tidying up to do, though, I suspect.
25 Added more presets.
23 Added when genre bored and RIP Rodefer.
22 As part of the site’s refactoring, I’ve integrated the prose section into the blogs.
21 Added nationality.
15 Added collective noun.
13 Added refactor.
8 Added & edited a language that’s new, kleeschum kënnt and more presets. Edited obama schwätzt lëtzebuergesch?!
1 Added YLs :: (vi), untitled :: (vii) and more presets.