29 Added highlands (v), (vi) & (vii), LVL (iii), and untitled (ix).
28 Added highlands (i), (ii), (iii) & (iv) and LVL (i) & (ii).
27 Added highway one, raunds, and family (iv) & (v). Edited nonsense canaries and the register lies.
26 Added nonsense canaries, yorkshire (i), (ii) & (iii), citroën (ii) & (iii) and fen. Edited and embloggened perfectly correct CV.
25 Added and edited my perfectly correct CV. Added wood :: (viii) & (ix). Edited the register lies.
24 Added the register lies to the tannoy blog.
20 Added more presets.
19 Added doheem.
18 Added sent to the wrong place to the tannoy blog.
13 Added prague (ii), prague (iii) and way to work (viii). Edited coughs in the audience.
12 Added coughs in the audience, abstract (ii), prague (i) and wrecked.
11 Added more presets. The bulk of the refactoring is finished, again.
9 Added irony and america and way to work (vii).
6 Edited engineering morality.
5 Added citroën (i) and engineering morality. I’ve carried out a lot of refactoring, too.