22 I’ve added msg 2 and msg 10 to reflets.
21 I’ve added march 016 & msg 1 to reflets, and the blog entry more reflets.
16 I’ve added the blog entry paris.
15 I’ve added new 16, new 17, new 18, subdivision, super ellipse, truchet examples, z, z 1, z 2, z test, z test 1, z test 2, z test 3, ztg t, zz, zzz, zzz 1, zzz 2 & zzzzzz test cg to reflets. Given these presets are double reflections of a Parisian sculpture, I’ll add my voice condemning those who kill at random in the name of their perversion of Islam.
14 I’ve added new 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 15 to reflets.
9 I’ve edited both the reflets introduction and index.
8 I’ve added c new, new 1, new 2, new 3, new 4, new 5 & new 6, and a preset index to reflets. The preset introduction has been moved. The blog index has been tidied.
7 I’ve added the blog entry foul mood, and a new, b new, t1, t2, t3, tg ex, trisym, video feedback, wack ideas and zygotes to reflets. I’ve edited photographing models.
6 I’ve added a blog entry on photographing models, and, from photoCDs, citroën :: (x) (xi) (xii), dawn :: (i) (ii) (iii), home :: (ii), lisa :: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) and sue.
5 I’ve added a blog entry on OS X mail (again), and, from photoCDs, untitled :: (xxiii), citroën :: (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) and kerry :: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) (xiv) (xv) (xvi) (xvii) (xviii) (xix) (xx) (xxi) (xxii) (xxiii) (xxiv) (xxv) (xxvi) (xxvii) (xxviii) (xxix) (xxx) (xxxi) (xxxii).
3 I’ve added new g, organic sym, pastel grid like, pattern, pinwheel, sketch ideas, splotches, sym, sym broken and sym patterns to reflets.
1 From photoCDs, I’ve added barnwell, fen :: (i) (ii), untitled :: (xxi) (xxii) and yorkshire :: (v).