29 I’ve removed other language specific content; I’ve not updated them in a long while. They survive in the arts & ego archive. In future, whenever I write in whatever language, I’ll plonk the page in the subject place, and presume everyone can read them, as is the norm here in Lux. This has required me to change some banners.
27 Finally noted forthcoming events: spoken word paris on 1st april, and konscht am gronn on 2nd June, 4th August & 6th October.
25 Added damage :: (cccxxvi) & (cccxxvii), and on development.
24 Added esch/uelzecht (xxxix).
11 I can’t resist using a great photo of me on my contact page. It was taken by the photographer Vero Bielinski at a recent business event. Edited hello.
10 Edited 500mm mirror.
9 Added 500mm mirror.
8 Added esch/uelzecht (xxxviii).
7 Edited film.
6 Added film and luxembourg (xiii).