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I’m extending the archives here. They contain copies of websites I once ran.

Although I think and its sister sites do a brilliant job of archiving the web, they can only record what they find on the web when they scan, if they scan. I can recreate my old sites from my version control system, which allows me to select what I consider to be the best version to re–present, to be precise and complete with what’s shown, and to fine tune the re–presentation to suite contemporary conditions. Even so, I take advantage of the archive sites, to, for example, ensure certain external links point to their original destinations, as archived. Mind you, getting all that right is a slow, iterative process.

Why do I do it? Well, first of all, there’s some old poetry sites from the series I ran for a few years, both in Ireland and Paris. They include some recordings which give presence to the moment of the readings, some of which I believe might be of genuine interest to poetry people.

Secondly, I think there is some value in recording the development of a website from the perspective of that site’s owner. The automatic hoovering sites automatically hoover whatever’s there, whereas I re–present, emphasising what I consider important; I can compensate for automatic hoovering failures, such as missing images; and I can correct errors, particularly coding errors, in the old sites.

Until recently, the archives here only covered my millennial HTML websites. I’ve now added their sister ASP sites, converted to static HTML. I’ve added the wurm sites from the end of the dreadnoughts in Dublin. Finally, I’ve now added some old drupal sites, converted to static HTML, including poets live from Paris.

The pages you see are not precisely the originals: for that, visit I’ve modernised them for the contemporary web by correcting code to remove errors, updating links to point to their or https equivalents, and removing some things that were then safe but are now, in my opinion, more dangerous, such as links to elderly webrings and payment sites. Beyond this, I’ve tried to keep the feel of the original pages, so they appear pretty much the same as they did in their day.

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