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26 Edited The General Arts Licence.
25 Added (an early draft of) regulate. I think I’m finally happy with the prose faction page.
24 Sorted out the prose faction page.
22 New Year’s Eves will be published in Borderlines 33.
21 Edited the clarion :: little diddems, Scared Of Spiders.
20 Added the clarion :: little diddems, Scared Of Spiders. Edited Nanotechnology.
19 Added Nanotechnology.
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14 Edited the Epigram On The West, blog and diary. Completely reorganised prose, incorporating the old nosh, potato press and software sections collectively under faction. I like to think this might mean I eventually introduce a fiction section, but don’t count on it.
8 Edited easter sunday, Fuddled, Epigram On The West, the comment at end of Reply, server room, Glitch, the The General Arts Licence, Why Copyleft?, Non–Exclusive, Guidelines and Drafting How. I think my copyleft stuff is nearly ready for serious use. Extended my blog and diary. Updated my CV, and moved it to the site’s root directory. Tidied up many pages’ titles.
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