image: foundry

There is something very special about my people. There has to be, for I am one of them.

This is why I am very confident that we can get a really rather good deal with all the other peoples. They will have the honour of dealing with us. We are special. We are entitled to a better deal. So we will get it.

When I negotiate with them, I will point out that we are special. They will, of course, immediately see that, and so offer us a very good deal. I will then improve their offer for them, and accept the improved deal. This will happen naturally, for we are special.

I know we will get the best trade deals that could possibly exist. We will get them, not because we have much to trade, not because our goods are better, but because we are special.

No longer will we have to live in a world of give and take. No longer will we have to give something we have in order to take something we want. We will just take, for we are special.