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Nationality is a complex and difficult thing. You need a nationality to live in this world, yet you don’t chose it, you are born into it. By the time you’re old enough to decide things for yourself, your culture and its nationality are burnt deep into your very being.

Furthermore, if circumstances force you to change nationality, as is happening to many Brits at the moment, you can’t choose whichever nationality is appropriate given your needs or your nature, your choice is limited to where you live, or perhaps to whom you are married.

So although I am grateful to Luxembourg, although I am happy to acknowledge Luxembourg’s contribution to my current life, although I want to contribute back, and although I do so, my choice of Luxembourg arose from the chance of a job a few years ago, & from misfortune to live in a world where accidents of geography are more important than well–being.

The French Revolution, with its reinvention of nationality, is still arolling.