The UK general election has got underway.

I have a vote, and am working out which party will get my support, as I wrote a week ago.

After a week, my views have changed a little. I’ve found out that the Labour Party conference support creating a carbon neutral economy by 2030, which is good. If that appears in their manifesto, then that’s also a good thing.

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On the other hand, I’m really put off by their antisemitism.

I’ve encountered a lot of Labour Party bullshit online. It’s particularly annoying, seeing what appear to me to be fake conversations promoting Labour that repeat various bits of nonsense. Still, I can’t be the only person who takes a dislike to this kind of con, and I’m absolutely confident they’re not the only party doing it, it’s just that I happen to see their misbehaviour, not other parties’.

I’m not a Tory, but I am sickened by the Labour childish anti–Tory propaganda. The Tories are not automatically evil, and thus to be opposed in any circumstances. They are simply wrong on many issues. I won’t support them because they’re wrong, but that’s all they are, wrong.

The press make it clear that Tories are saying much the same about Labour, although, being a supporter of the sensible party, they don’t seem to regard me as worth the effort of targeting. I do see some of their stuff via friends, but it simply makes no sense to me: they’re offering dirtier rats to a vegetarian.

All this yah–boo stuff is so stunningly childish, and the detail that these parties appear to expect it to work shows just how much they look down on the electorate.

So, as things stand, I’m most unlikely to vote Labour, but, given their conference’s climate policy, am no longer absolutely dead set against them.

Anyway, given I vote in a safe Tory seat, I don’t think my vote will change the result. I’ll still vote, on principle. But I am also putting my money where my mouth is, by donating money to various local campaigns across the country, conducted by both the Greens and the Lib Dems. I’d donate to Dominic Grieve’s independent campaign, too, had he not asked for that tap to be turned off.

I’ve seen more than a few ads from friends across the political spectrum attacking the Lib Dems. It seems both the Tories and Labour are running scared of them, which is a good reason to vote for them. On the other hand, I still want the Greens to do well. So, ultimately, after a week of the campaign, my position hasn’t really changed.