april 2K3 Underneath The Lockwhen the trains first camescratbygentleRegrowManifestoFatherSonpublishedProgramEpigram on the USAOf Carolineglistpublishedshrinespublishedold man Keatsbeer and pindaruncivil lawcenturiesinventioncriminalpianohealththe three monksAn Ode To The A14Top
dog sea At Buckfast AbbeyThe Queen Of Santa FeHome TownAn Ode To The A14publishedInnDriving The TreesLeicester StationLeicester SquarepublishedsetNorth Of KyleskusetDog SeapublishedscratbyDarmstadtpublishedFenland Sketches1published234may offend language bigotsTop
fear in flight god … And Then I’ll Break The SeaAt Buckfast AbbeypublishedAn Eighteenth Century Beam EngineFear In Flight, GodEpigrams on ScienceI Don’t Visit My Mother’s GravepublishedChance Is Such A Scornful GodpublishedHome TownOld Funeral MusicIn Another ConversationBut It’s For The Children…ici, pour les enfantspublishedsetHymnen[notes]Technical NoteIfTeaserpublishedMachine Solo αpublishedConverseMan SolopublishedMachine Solo βpublishedshrinesTop
hence the coldness A Bicycle Criticises Concorde For Not Observing Butterflies — — An Eighteenth Century Beam EngineHence The Coldnesschase chasemay offend language bigotsI Don’t Visit My Mother’s GravepublishedIntruder AlertpublishedJust Protectionism?On Hunting With HoundsScorpionThere’s Money In MechanicsWe, The FellpublishedAm LemmingGreyOf CarolinepublishedNursery Verse For Nursery HeadsCavity Wall InsulationSwoop123may offend language bigots45Top
it’s my hands gentleIt’s My HandspublishedNew Year’s EvespublishedDon’t UnderstandHer Catching EyespublishedHome TownI Saw A Sleek SeductionLost SanctuarypublishedThe Pub Quiz LeaguepublishedFive DayssetThere Was A Young Lady Called VenusThese Words, They Were Not SaidpublishedsetTop
old man keats …And Then I’ll Break The Seaan engineering rushhomeworkpublishedgentlegreenGuinnesspublishedHome TownHymnen[notes]Technical NoteIfTeaserMachine Solo αConverseMan SoloMachine Solo βNorth Of Kyleskusetold man KeatsThe Queen Of Santa FeSwoop123may offend language bigots45Underneath The LochTop
push pop push popmay offend language bigotsAccelerating Is Language EnglishWhy I Prefer SchoenberggentleElsewhenFuguesgreenin cynic adverati… a much for we …WaterThe Anger Of WaterThree FlawedViaductThe Mere Of IceRegrowpublishedManifestoFatherSonpublishedProgramselectwhen the trains first camepah!Top
the trumpet blown My Difficulty With MelancholypublishedTobacco’s Such A TreatDon’t UnderstandAn Ode To My EgoAn Ode To The A14publishedThe Trumpet BlownpublishedOf CarolinepublishedThere Was A Young Lady From VenusNursery Verse For Nursery HeadsWorking ForGuinnesspublishedCheese And Onion Sandwichespublishedthe three monksTop




april 2K3
dog sea
fear in flight god
hence the coldness
it’s my hands
old man keats
push pop
the trumpet blown

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