collective nouns

a screen of computers
a blue of crash
a trip of pavements
a thundercrash of airliners
a busy of chair legs
a pollution of motorways
a tantrum of cold calls
an ego of salesmen
a sizzle of sunny days
a rosebush of cats
an oil of accidents
a waffle of meeting
an ever of anticipations
a bogie of fears
a suicide of racists
a crowd of loneliness
an airbrush of hair
a weenie of nationalists
a blindness of light
a quest of interviews
an aria of howls
a parliament of fools
an ailment of health food
a failure of sleep
a con of marketing
a family of stones (ho ho ho)
a contradiction of lawyers
a contradiction of philosophers
a contradiction of poets
(a sounding of trumpet)
a flub of couch potatoes
a gullible of believers
an orbit of teapots
a welcome of invitations
a fly of ointments
a bush of shills
a delusion of reflection
a delusion of voters
an illusion of magicians
a white of words
a black of silence
a night of memories
a knight of remembrance
a pottiness of puppies
an enthusiasm of spaniels
a pepper of sneezes
a sneeze of pepper

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