arts ego blog — when genre bored

I stopped listening to punk / new wave around 1982, when I got bored with the constant same again. I revisited the form many years later when popular music was revitalised by some electronic ladies and gentlemen. They were so good they got me past the dismal if successful copycat britpop. I’ve stopped, and restarted, interest in literature genres many times too, including SciFi, detective noir, etc..

15 years ago, I was lucky with contemporary anglophone poetry, there was a bunch of revolutionary poets keeping themselves to themselves in the local city, whom I found by luck, who utterly revitalised my interest in the art.

With photography, I become bored with the core of the form, the unavoidable right angle. I made my own revitalisation once I’d sussed I was taking photos in my mind and writing them in poetry.

For people experiencing the same, I’d say two things. Firstly, if the genre has depth anything to it, there’ll be creators somewhere producing interesting stuff, go find them. Secondly, if you really want the art revitalised, it’s one thing to absorb it, but it’s best to take part in the revitalisation, by creating, by fostering, by doing whatever you do well.

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