30 And now I’ve added epigrams on the fools of Al–Qaida.
29 Added so many epigrams, that I’ve split them into Science Islam and The Usa. They still look too portentous, though; expect further changes.
28 Edited the fourth fugue, old man Keats and I’d prefer to remember summer. I really don’t like November, do I!
27 Added a fourth fugue.
26 Added Old Man Keats.
23 Edited I’d prefer to remember summer, harvest, Copyleft and North Of Kylesku. Inclement has accepted It’s My Hands and I Don’t Visit My Mother’s Grave for publication in Summer 2K3. I expected all the early replies from my Poetry Library run to be rejections; the letter was a very good thing to read whilst drinking the morning’s ‘wake–me–up’ coffee.
22 Added I’d prefer to remember summer.
18+ Battling the daemons of household network administration. I haven’t sussed pf, the ‘new’ Open BSD firewall and NAT. It should be pretty obvious. I’ve clearly got some wrong assumptions up top somewhere. Macclesfield.
17 Edited an engineering rush, plus damn the clarion, USA, Israel, the three monks and what is. Renamed Holy Trinity as Epigrams, adding two more. Renamed fugue as Fugues. Never Bury Poetry confirmed they intend to publish an engineering rush 3 and M6. It’s nice that many of my poems from the ’80s that I didn’t think were good enough for publication actually are.
16 Edited Copyleft and lord pisswater’s clarion. I did another poetry library run: I take a pile of unpublished poems, lots of stamps, SAEs and time, and settle in their working area at the back, looking through the magazines, attempting to match poems with editorial styles. The last run, sometime in Spring, was quite successful, even though I had to persist with some of the magazines to get results. Here’s hoping!
15 Edited bathroom spider, fugue 2, the three monks, and, continuing my love affair with the daily mail, lord pisswater’s clarion. Edited and renamed No Matter How Expected back to Sharp.
14 Put the two existing fugues, and a new one, here. Added USA, Israel. Amended Hymnen’s Man Solo, and uncivil law’s injustice, complexity, money, flame, magistrates, consent, parliament, citizen and bones.
13 Good God; last night, in Cambridge, two clashing poetry events, both packed out. CB1, now reestablished by Linda, starred John Stammers. Jo Skelt (who also paints) launched her new volume, Permanent Emergency, at CB2. We used to struggle to get CB1 half full. Something seems to be happening.
10 Edited uncivil law’s centuries, age, injustice, complexity, flame, magistrates, consent, parliament, citizen, bones, health, blackbox and fear.
9 Promoted In Me; Shiva; added what is, edited chase chase and uncivil law’s age, injustice, complexity, magistrates, invention, consent, bones, health, maid, blackbox, repositioned age, money.
8 Edited uncivil law’s injustice, complexity, money, magistrates, consent, parliament, citizen, bones; renamed and relocated analysis to blackbox.
7 Edited injustice of uncivil law, In Me; Shiva and my CV.
6 Edited injustice of uncivil law.
5 Edited In Me; Shiva.
4 I attended the Aldeburgh poetry festival. Some good stuff there. I’ll have to visit others. Got a wadge of volumes to read. Whilst there, using my unreliable Pocket PC, I amended the three monks, lord pisswater’s clarion, invention of uncivil law and Copyleft. Added In Me; Shiva.
3 Oh wow. A seven day power cut. The 1987 hurricane disconnected for merely eight days. But this was just a winter storm, the kind you get ‘every couple of years’ [Met Office]. Aren’t Texan electricity companies wondrous.