31 Revised Fugue 2 and Sim Us. Revamped this page.
28 Noted Subverse intends to publish Intruder Alert and We, The Fell in the Autumn. Revised Homework (was Sim Holy Prince), Sim Us (was Sim Verse) and I Saw A Sleek Seduction. Added Fugue 2. Revamped and pages, merging feedback into contact.
27 Noted that Never Bury Poetry has published Chance Is Such A Scornful God. Added Sim Holy Prince.
25 Revised IR35, added Sim Verse. Converted site to ‘correct’ quote marks (as opposed to 'incorrect' ones).
24 Noted that Orbis is considering publishing Bright and At Buckfast Abbey.
18 Sorted out meta–tags prior to submission of site to search engines.
14 Added poetry all page, including icons showing which poems are f50a; set, and which are image: published published. Split Uncivil Law’s Dangerous into Centuries and Bones.
12 Reorganised poetry by subject (was by rough date). Revised Uncivil Law’s Right Justice, Flame, Money.
9 Joined more webrings.
8 Revised Uncivil Law’s Flame. Uploaded MP3s for Walkful Thoughts, Haze, Mechanie and Detritous. Linked music and corresponding poems; introduced feedback form. Reconnected to some webrings.
7 Revised Uncivil Law’s Dangerous, Do What, Parliament, Democracy, Magistrate, Money, Complexity, Right Justice, Flame and The Maid Of Law.
6 Introduced IR35.
5 Further Uncivil Law revise, realign.
4 Split Uncivil Law into components, de–prosed, and revised.
2 Noted that Black Rose intends to publish My Difficulty With Melancholy.
1 Revised Cavity Wall Insulation and Sweet And Stupid.