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It became clear to me a few years ago that the poem sequence The Engineering Rush (i) was the centre of a much longer sequence. These poems began in the late 1980s with Hymnen. I found I wanted to gather all the poems in one place, which meant assembling a collection. I included some poems which now quite obviously belong, even if, at the time I wrote them, I didn’t realise they were part of something bigger.

It’s good to have shot of it; the last few poems in particular (tin rush and 7) feel as though they’ve held back my experimentation (mutilation?) with form of language.

I wasn’t going to assemble just one collection of poetry, so I’ve gathered three collections of my twenty–first century output. I might combine my twentieth century work at some point. These collections are copylefted, which means you are licensed, by me, to copy them, distribute them, modify them, provided you keep to the terms of that licence (more details here).

These collections have not been sorted out by a decent editor. Because I publish them under the copyleft licence, someone could, if they wished, take them and edit them, and there’s got to be a good chance they’ll come up with something better than my assembly. I don’t share the idolatrous veneration of ‘the original poet’s words’; if you really can improve the words, do it. I’m happy for someone to print and distribute copies of these collections. All I require is that the licence is observed.

Each collection is available in PDF, Word Perfect and Rich Text formats. I had intended to use Open Source software to produce the ebooks, but the only Word Processor able to do the job properly was Corel’s Word Perfect. There is no better justification for the cost of proprietary software!

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