older stuff

This old stuff is no longer available on dead trees, unless you make some yourself.

I put together some assemblies of my poetry to see if I could raise the money for a round in the pub after a poetry reading. These assemblies simply represent all my work on paper; the poems are not selected. They are:

These four collections are copylefted. You can copy, modify and distribute them yourselves, subject to the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike licence. In the unlikely event you want to use some of my work free of copyleft, contact me.

You can download copies of the files I used to generate the copyleft booklets. For various reasons, these files are in Microsoft Office 2000 format. If you are unhappy about using a propriety product to reproduce a copyleft work, you can recreate the booklets entirely using the original material found on this site. I’ll admit that I had intended to get Word to generate HTML versions of the booklets for reproduction, but what it produced was codswallop. Visit each collection to get the contents for your duplication.

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