This form consciously wrecks normal English grammar, not a new idea. In some poems, I’ve borrowed from other languages, including computer languages. I’ve removed small connecting words, and assembled concept words in imprecise order, to loosen linguistic context. Just as I chaffed against the rectangular border of photographs, so I’m chaffing against over–precise English language.

Regrow image: publishedSon image: publishedProgramfinal tv big image: published… a much for we …tension nitro ego image: publishedwatch the desire of love to existflock statecreate new killer our fearkinder


These are not formal classical epigrams.

Al–QaidaIslamSan FranciscoScienceThe USAThe WestFearPolitics


Accelerating is Language Englishand then there’s the mediocre mouthscathedral level court courtChina Poemimage: uses powerful languageChopin And The Chilli Warsimage: publishedchristmas card poemcreate new killer our feardiscard image: published 6 easter sunday image: publishedengland corruptedimage: uses powerful languageFenland Sketches 1 image: publishedgardenghost image: setglistimage: publishedgreenA Horrible Dayici, pour les enfantsimage: publishedsetmy father was a ufoNamingsAmericaNorfolkKeighlySandyoh dear what a pity there thereOld Funeral Musicold man KeatsPoetryCopyleftThe Pub Quiz League image: publishedremembering the dasimage: uses powerful languageReplyscratbyserver roomimage: setshrinesimage: publishedstill bitingthe three monksthis ‘bright’ lifeTo Letimage: setToo Fast To Stopimage: publishedThe Trumpet Blownimage: publisheduncivil lawcriminalupsetwhen the trains first came


JS Bach was the master of the fugue. Tunes repeat, invert, stagger, slow, quicken, transform; concurrent contrapuntal counterpoint. A poem fugue is merely spoken repeated until the person reciting runs out of stupidity.

FuguesMore FuguesPop Fugues


A haiku is a short serene observation. An oiku is a headbutt.

anglebaconenglish gardengrandlook rich apple growslou reed


advocateAnimal MagnetismHigg’s BosonWhy The Black Background?

ranting poesie

A “Ranting Poesie” poem is for pub philosophers. It should be simple to recite whilst drunk. It should flow through the mouth, without being obvious. It should challenge belief.

The Clarionbeer and pindarlord pisswater’s clarion image: uses powerful languagelittle diddemsbigot reinforcementimage: uses powerful languagean engineering rush (i)the argumenthomeworkimage: publishedPoetryselectCopyleftuncivil lawcenturiesmoneyinventionhealth


regrow image: publishedfather

rhyme rhythm

Accelerating Is Language EnglishgreenMy Difficulty With Melancholyimage: publishedReplySlough, Pronounced In French, Is “Slug”The Trumpet Blownimage: publisheduncivil law53Underneath The LochBox Number image: setIs It Coffee In The BloodNorth Of Kyleskuimage: setTo Let image: setWake Up, Wake Up, Oh Slippery Snakean engineering rush (i)a song so direTobacco’s Such A TreatPoetryCopyleftBox Number image: set


I’ve only used two rhyming schemes, the traditional Shakespearian ababcdcdefefgg, and an immediate scheme of aabbccddeeffgg to alienate the content.

Her Catching Eyes image: publishedAn Ode To The A14 image: published • • On The SonnetTring image: publishedin cynic adveratiScorpionuncivil lawmaidWe, The Fell image: publishedregrow image: publishedson image: published… a much for we …


amphibrach trimeter

The Trumpet Blown image: published

amphibrach quadrameter

HymnenTechnical NoteCheese And Onion Sandwiches (ish)

iambic quadrameter

A Village …Inn

iambic hexameter

Underneath The Loch


There Was A Young Lady Called Venus

rhyme royal


trimeter quadrain

Instructions For A Common Ceremony

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