29 Recorded more poems not in chapbooks.
28 Recorded some poems not in chapbooks.
26 Recorded 20.0k Miss Demeanour, 20.0l engineering rush again and 20.0m the A rush, all with minor edits. Added an Epigram on Islam.
25 Recorded 20.0a The Joy Of Tax, with minor edits.
24 Recorded 19.9b Swoop and 19.9c Inn, both with minor edits.
23 Added a setting of ghost.
22 Recorded 20.0i be infinity, with minor edits. This includes a (simple) setting, not just a reading, of server room. At long last, I’m getting back into creating music, something prompted by slowly increasing downloads of Walkful Thoughts. Envoi will publish part of Hymnen. They’re telling the tale, ignoring the mind.
21 Recorded 20.0j flock state, with minor edits.
20 Recorded 20.0e dead write, with minor edits.
19 Recorded 19.8c Rose, with minor edits. Added ancestors. Edited kin, polydaze and Why I’m Vegetarian.
18 Recorded 19.8a Darmstadt (was ici, pour les enfants) and 20.0h Namings, both with minor edits.
17 Recorded 20.0b … a much for we …, with minor edits.
16 Recorded 20.0c an engineering rush and 19.8b Hymnen, both with minor edits.
15 Added Why I’m Vegetarian. Recorded 20.0g nation six dog, with minor edits.
14 Recorded 19.9a An Ode To The A14, with minor edits.
13 Recorded 20.0d chase chase, with minor edits.
12 Recorded 20.0f uncivil law, with minor edits.
11 Gave all the chapbooks titles, to assist the romantically challenged. Added 20.0m the A rush. Edited 20.0l engineering rush again, dead write, uncivil law bones citizen criminal invention wrong age flame smirk, injustice, We Drunken Here, Instructions For A Common Ceremony, garden, intelligence still booting, core, fuddle, fifty year guess, when the morons declared war, Epigrams on The West, 8.11.3, A14 and entangled. I finally sussed Firefox’s problem with the various poetry indexes. Turns out it has to break on spaces in tables; it gives up when there are none. Both IE and Opera will break on dash.
10 Added an Epigram on Fear (was Tabloids). Edited Water :: Cold War, engineering rush again :: defect and tin rush :: ee hu and ei.
9 Added a (brief) introduction to limericks, and edited A Newspaper Editor Said, I’m Sitting Upon This ’Ere Train, ’twas Ten Years Ago To This Day, There Once Was A Cat And A Dog, Look back to the Romany times (was Back, When It Was Roman Times), There Was A Young Man In A Bed, There Was A Young Man From Nantucket, There Once Was A Monday On Tuesday and It Wasn’t What I Really Expected. Edited tin rush :: ee. Retitled the washer machine broke from the washer machine. Modified each chapbooks to put the associated photograph on the cover.
8 Edited tin rush :: po ba fi vo pp ti fu ni ag and av. Brought my introduction up to date.
6 Edited We Drunken Here.
2 Edited A14, We Drunken Here and tin rush :: po ba fi vo pp ti fu ni ag av ee hu ei (all retitled).
1 Added Seeking Integrity. Edited discard 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8.