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Every so often, I get reminded at just how appalling Microsoft Office products can be. Right now, I’m trying to upgrade from Outlook 2000 to Outlook XP, because a prospective client wants to ask some questions about it. All I want to do is import the account settings I’ve already exported from 2000. But guess what? Yup, Microsoft have fucked up. Outlook XP allows you to import these settings, but, erm, it won’t allow you to tell it where they are. So it has to guess where the file might be, and, of course, it gets it wrong. In other words, you can’t actually import existing account settings. As usual, the idiots who designed this software have assumed they know best, and, as usual, they’ve been too lazy to do any of this bothersome thinking stuff. It would be so simple to get right. I don’t know what planet the marketing droids live on, but it’s it clearly not one inhabited by intelligent people. What a bunch of willies.