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deep in grrrr mode

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Excuse me; I’m deep in grrrr mode.

I went to my second Dutch language exam last night, having done quite badly in the first, on Monday. About half way through the exam, the teacher ermed, then announced she’d given us the wrong papers. On both nights. Then she gave us the correct papers. For both nights. We’d been doing the next course up’s exam.

So now there were two papers to be completed in the time for half of one. For a course in which she missed so many classes she hadn’t completed the syllabus. Oh wow.

What’s made me really ’grrrr’ is she denied all responsibility for the cock-up; as if checking the papers before handing them out, let alone doing so when she grabbed them, was nothing to do with her.

I think I did acceptably, enough to scrape. I was too hacked off to aim for more.

LATER: The final exam was properly organised. And I got 75% overall, a little better than average. The teacher marked the exams…