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other companies i won’t use again

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There are some other companies I will never use again.

MFI* are just incompetent. That they still survive, presuming they do, has to be because there aren’t enough IKEA stores around. I once ordered some goods off MFI. They didn’t bother to tell me when they arrived. When I finally attempted to find out what had happened to my goods, they’d lost all record and wouldn’t return my deposit. It wasn’t worth the grief of chasing them properly for that kind of money, and no doubt they knew that.

Argos have, once too often, given me the wrong product and refused to change it to the one I ordered. That’s, at best, bad staff training, but I suspect worse.

What really annoys me is that none of these companies, including PC World and Vodafone, have the culture of correcting their errors; they all have the attitude that if something goes wrong it can’t be their error unless the customer really has a go at them. That attitude is not good enough, not good enough at all. This culture of arrogant incompetence is embedded in both the UK and Ireland, and is one reason why I really don’t like either country that much. It’s very true there are significant exceptions to that general rule, but the problem is they are exceptions, not the rule. *Since this happened, MFI were bought out, and have now gone under.