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I’ve a poetry recital coming up on Wednesday 17th at Wurm im Apfel. I have to prepare my set, including, for the first time, some seen, heard) poetry videocasts.

I’ve Europe, a chapbook, to launch at the recital. Fortunately it’s not me having to assemble the things, but that’s only by luck. Thanks, Kit!

I’ve a new album released online on December 8th, Devon Garde’s flock state. It’s available in iTunes, emusic, Amazon, and many other fine stores :-) . I’d like a few CDs ready for the recital.

I’ve the material for a DVD chapbook in seen, heard) poetry. I want to assemble it over Christmas.

I’ll produce a leaflet for the recital, mentioning most of the above, and this website.

I’ve heard some first collections launched recently. I can do one hell of a lot better. I’d like to start preparing something before the New Year.

All this hasn’t stopped me producing finse, although it certainly slowed me down.