29 Tidied up 2018 events.
27 Added kona. Added goodies for fresh from the fountain and on literature and science. Edited about arts & ego.
25 Edited questions.
24 Added an evening of poetry and music, family :: (xx), (xxi) & (xxii), and flower :: (xix).
19 Adding concrete slideshows themed by form. These will be completed over the next few weeks.
17 Added 2018 photos to slideshows.
16 Added concrete, flower & reflets slideshows. Added 2017 photos to existing slideshows. Edited links.
14 Added & edited the cuckoo’s calling. Added concrete sketch & concrete styles.
13 Added concrete :: sketch styles, smart displace, smooth, styles, texture, threshold, utility, vignette, warp, forward motion, move source video, movie presets & movies from image; escher blummen :: (cxvii); and parc :: (xxxiii).
12 Forgot to add page about the fresh from the fountain book launch. Worst, I had added a link to it. Ooops. Added concrete :: line screen, line screen block, line screen dual, litho, screen textures, sharpen, simplify & sketch efx. Edited anthology.
11 Added parc :: (xxxii).
8 Added concrete :: image compressor, invert negative effects, kaleidoscopic and fractures & lens.
7 Added anthology & concrete fast, and concrete :: edging, emboss efx, feathering, flat and cartoon, frames and borders, glows, & gradients.
6 Rewrote and edited links. Added in a house of lies, and concrete :: contrast, detail & dodge and burn. Edited ivy writers paris.
4 Added concrete :: colour wash—from palette & colourise.
1 Added concrete :: blur styles, blur utility & colour palette mapping; and steampunk :: (iv). Edited steampunk.