25 Added damn the clarion, revised and promoted the three monks, harvest, lord pisswater’s clarion and invention of uncivil law. I revisited all of uncivil law and edited age, injustice, complexity, flame (from flames), money, magistrates, consent, piano, citizen and fear. It’s almost ready to send off; I just need to given invention time to settle down.
24 Revised the three monks, uncivil law’s invention, lord pisswater’s clarion, beer and pindar, Hymnen Man Solo, Regrow :: Father, and harvest. I need to check up on Shiva; come to think of it, I need a good poetic translation of the Gita.
22 I read the current version of the three monks last night to the White Hart group of poets, and it worked a treat. People wanted to know how to get there, and I was interrogated about the B–52s. Roger Elkin, the editor of Envoi, has written saying that he wants to publish the Regrow sequence in issue 135. Envoi is the UK poetry magazine. I didn’t submit Regrow :: Manifesto.
21 Revised the three monks, harvest, lord pisswater’s clarion (retitled from The Daily Mail) and uncivil law’s invention.
20 Added the three monks, harvest, The Daily Mail (the UK’s most popular racist publication), and (Gordon Bennett) another uncivil lawinvention.
18 Made a one word change to Man Solo from Hymnen.
14 Made a minor change to The Joy Of Tax, which clearly needs more work. Retitled Feedback as contact.
13 Promoted both On Poetry poems (select and techno).
10 Revised against those who piss in, and retitled it poetry and parasite. I really can’t decide whether this essay, and techno, poetry, should remain tight prose or become poetry, so I’ve created two versions, one of each (the poems are select and techno, combined on poetry). It’ll be interesting to see how they diverge—and, boy, has techno diverged. I should have done this with uncivil law. Redistributed poems with titles starting with of, on and at in the poetry index so they are not placed by those words. Made a minor change to beer and pindar.
9 Edited and promoted IR35, and renamed it The Joy Of Tax. Edited an engineering rush _3_. My reading of that poem, and especially green, at CB1 poets (in Cambridge) last night went well. It’s nice to have quality poets congratulate you. Added against those who piss in. Not sure whether it’s a poem or prose. As usual, I’ve written prose, and revised it down to get rid of the superfluous, the wasted and the wrong, and have ended up with a prose poem. I may abandon the prose section.
8 Edited an engineering rush _3_ and techno, poetry. Tidied up the last few days entries on this page.
7 Revised the site’s front door to emphasize the collections. Edited techno, poetry.
6 Continued revising the fonts. Retitled Cork back to Assam. Edited IR35. Added the prose section, added “hello” (which was about in and), introduced the essay “techno, poetry”, and restored a 1998 essay on the Citroën “XM”.
5 Fixed chase chase (oops), amended Cavity Wall Insulation, renamed The Reproduction Of Isolation back to Damage, and expanded IR35. The home page was unreadable with silly browsers which default to small serif. I have wandered the site, increasing the architectural text size, removing some decorative links. Finally, I’ve reduced some photographic sets, rearranged others, and removed a couple.
3 Amended bathroom spider and promoted it, along with Copyleft and all three Software Engineering poems.
2 Somewhat predictably, amended Copyleft and bathroom spider. Again.