angst cycle (iii)

addiction is
other people in control
like as

insanities when
a rocket in the neck muscle
resonant grin cascade
days soma in a second
to trough & wasted breath

luck for me
the insanities were dampen
i’d insisted no
it worked

but they remain
i dampen ever
& cascade

which buggers me with love
always unwanted by another love
i let the insane cascade
the chance to ask or persuade
but never is it wanted
always i am forced
to damp this insane cascade
before the fall of reason
before it can persuade

diseased by
is a civil war
love is

i read all kinds of literature saying what a wonderful thing and i find myself thinking why do these people wonderfulise the mourning of sanity the only time i feel pain as intense as love is when close to me have died it is not a nice experience it is in fact

if you want me to love you
then fucking say so
don’t just sit there
enjoying the death of my father

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