angst cycle (iii)
[dž] (i)

training at the
a course on the
nothing exotic
once a week
ugly sister to be

drama for the out of work
a place to social
remain human
share space
with other souls

so the teacher
drama professional
gorgeous beautiful young woman
dressed well
looked well
had great confidence
in herself

liked me
to my surprise
when i finally

i’m bloody slow
at that
spotting it
most men are
i gather

it these clothes
women put on
to cover up the signals
they don’t want to give

which is rather like
the only purpose of a train
is to hoot harmonies
in the night

but they do
give damn good
in the night

gives owls a shock
i tell you



i said i wanted
a quick word
with her

she took me
into a sheltered corner

i said it was two things

she was pricked ears

i asked her
about taking
acting further

she was disappointed
walked off

the thing is
the second thing
i didn’t ask
was what
she wanted me
to ask

i’m not very good
at this thing

not very good
at all

am i

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